Creating space for you to shape

We stand for self-empowerment of students to realize their own projects – whether within the ÖH or not. The participation of students that encompasses having the voice of students heard must be possible on all levels – from event to teaching. We create the framework for students to actively shape their university live through an informative working method. Students are an essential component of a flourishing university and therefore must be heard!

We see university not as a subject-specific educational institution but rather as place where opinions can be formed and perspectives developed. Studying should not be the sole consumption of predetermined curricula. Personal development, the broadening of one’s own horizon and networking – national and international – are likewise an essential part.

That’s invest ourselves to create space that is organized and shaped by students to foster cooperation and unity at BOKU. Furthermore we want to assure the continuance and cooperation with TÜWI. TÜWI we stand behind you!