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As you might already know, the Students’ Union (ÖH) elections are taking place again from 27th to 29th of May 2019. Here you can elect the representatives of your ideas and your interests for the next two years.

Elections? How do they work?

You can elect representations for three different levels:

  1. you can vote for the Studienvertretung (STV) (representing your field of study)
  2. you can vote for the university level representation (“Universitätsvertretung”) which represents all students at BOKU
  3. you can vote for the representatives on federal level (“ÖH Bundesvertretung”)

For further information on the voting system, please visit the ÖH website:

Information for this years election

This is your chance to shape our university’s future!

Who is the FL BOKU?

The Unabhängige Fachschaftsliste BOKU – FL BOKU (Independent Student Representatives) form a list of students from different fields of study. A majority of them is involved in the Students’ Union and have been working for students at BOKU for quite some time, the other part would like to get involved in the future. In the last ten years our members have represented the Students’ Union BOKU as head of the union.

The “Unabhängige Fachschaftsliste BOKU” is independent of any political party and can therefore operate for you without artificial influence, especially in educational policy and budgetary matters.

Our team consists of people who are motivated, experienced and have a high degree of competence. There is no other comparable list of people that provide such a broad know-how, passion and love for students (yes we really mean it!)  as the “Unabhängige Fachschaftsliste BOKU”!


What do we stand for?

[independent – self-determined – constructive]

Student representation free from party politics!

The interest of students is our highest priority. This only functions best through financial and ideological independence from political parties. Students should be able to decide themselves how they want to shape their studies and their university. As faction, we see our task to stand behind students at all costs and represent them in the best way possible. For us this also includes to deal with relevant socio political developments.


[ together – motivated – altruistic]

We love and live an open and inclusive student union

We believe that an open and dynamic student union thrives through diverse perspectives and people. We seek a student union that supports student initiatives and people in their volunteer engagement. Diversity demands a high degree of self reflexion, honesty, opportunities for critical statements and constructive suggestions. We want to create space, where students in and out of the student union feel welcome, acknowledged, respected and appreciated. Engagement in the student union should be possible at all times and not depend on political ideology or faction affiliation. The ÖH is there for all of us!


[connecting – social– fair ]

Education is an asset for all!

Education should be available for all, regardless of  social and geographical origin. Limited funds mustn’t be a factor to deny someone’s access to education. We firmly believe that entry restrictions are not the right path. Rather than limiting the potential of tomorrow we see high value in qualitative orientation and counselling before and while studying as alternative to strict and arbitrary selection. We seek an improvement of the current study benefit system and see tuition fees as socially selective. Education has to be available for all – Education is a human right”

[participative – just– transparent]

We shape our own environment!

Decision making processes at our university should be transparent and just. We see the involvement of students as integral force at BOKU and a chance to take responsibility.  Participation of students in decision making processes is essential and the voice of students should be heard on all levels. Solely through that can we create a flourishing university for all.

[colourful – joint effort– tüwi]

We create the space, you fill it!

We stand for self empowerment of students. To bring in ideas and put own projects into action should be possible regardless of being active in the ÖH or in any other form. We see university as a space where opinions are made and perspectives developed. Studying does not solely consist of consuming classes and the curricula. Personal growth, the broadening of one’s horizon and networking is all part of that. Student initiatives are an enrichment and therefore should be supported, as they shape the university and student life as like. Therefore we stand behind the TÜWI – Kulturverein just the way it is.

[responsible – future oriented– critical]

Sustainability – walk the walk, not talk the talk!

Sustainability shall not be an empty shell and needs to be critically viewed. Our university should act as a role model in front of its affiliated by assuring and providing structures for sustainable living, learning and teaching.  The discussion on sustainability should not alone comprise of ecological aspects but furthermore include social and economical aspects likewise. A critical discourse about teaching methods , ethical agreeability of research and climate-political developments need to be sustained. As students of BOKU we see it as our responsibility to take part in these processes.

[ diverse– inclusive– cosmopolitan]

We approach others – and see their value

We actively speak out against discrimination on all levels. Human beings mustn’t be approached differently regarding aspects such as gender, belief, sexual orientation, age, social, geographical and ethnic origin, or any kind of impairment.

We aim for a collegiate atmosphere that respects and appreciates all. Therefore we actively support international and socially disadvantaged students and stand up for discriminated and disadvantaged people of any kind.

We see international exchange as a way to dismantle prejudices, foster discourse and to reconsider predominant concepts and structures. It is an enrichment for ALL.  In this regards we seek to foster and support international exchange at BOKU. Diversity at BOKU is a chance to connect various perspectives and to profit from each other’s experiences.

You want to find out more about what we stand for – then have a look at https://www.facebook.com/FLboku

What do we seek to improve the next two years ( a few examples)?

  • Expansion and improvement of lecture recordings
  • Graduation scholarship for working students also eligible for PhD students
  • Expansion of classes held in English
  • Active support of Incomings and more opportunities for networking
  • Extension of library opening hours to weekends
  • Creation of quiet and relaxation rooms
  • travel cost refund to external university sites (e.g.Tulln)
  • Improvement of Muthgasse campus

Why don’t we distribute sweets to get your vote?

Maybe you asked yourself why you don’t get any campaign goodies like free beer, Spritzer, Knoppers, vanilla milk and pens. This is indeed a good question. We simply see no point in distributing campaign gifts, because …

we fully finance our campaign ourselves and believe in the competence of our students to evaluate and value good student representational work and not make their choices based solely on freebies.

We would be celebrating if you gave us your trust and thus your vote. But more important: please attend the elections! No matter who you vote for.

On federal level we are part of the FLÖ (Independent Student Representatives Austria).

You can find more about us here:



That’s interesting, but I want to know more!

For further information, feel free to contact us – we would be happy to help you.

>> flboku@gmail.com
>> facebook.com/FLBOKU

We would love to discuss our ideas for a better university with you!

Go vote! You shape  your university’s future!

With independent regards,

your FL BOKU

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– Unabhängige Fachschaftsliste BOKU – FL BOKU –