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As you might already know, the Students’ Union (ÖH) elections are taking place again from 18th to 20th of May 2021. Here you can elect the representatives of your ideas and your interests for the next two years.

Elections? How do they work?

You can elect representations for three different levels:

  1. you can vote for the Studienvertretung (STV) (representing your field of study)
  2. you can vote for the university level representation (“Universitätsvertretung”) which represents all students at BOKU
  3. you can vote for the representatives on federal level (“ÖH Bundesvertretung”)

For further information on the voting system, please visit the ÖH website:

Information for this years election

This is your chance to shape our university’s future!

Who is the FL BOKU?

The Unabhängige Fachschaftsliste BOKU – FL BOKU (Independent Student Representatives) form a list of students from different fields of study. A majority of them is involved in the Students’ Union and have been working for students at BOKU for quite some time, the other part would like to get involved in the future. In the last twelve years our members have represented the Students’ Union BOKU as head of the union.

The “Unabhängige Fachschaftsliste BOKU” is independent of any political party and can therefore operate for you without artificial influence, especially in educational policy and budgetary matters.

Our team consists of people who are motivated, experienced and have a high degree of competence. There is no other comparable list of people that provide such a broad know-how, passion and love for students (yes we really mean it!)  as the “Unabhängige Fachschaftsliste BOKU”!


What do we stand for?


[independent – autonomous – self-determined]
We are your politically independent ÖH!

We are independent of party politics and invest all our energy into the representation of the interests of students. Financial and ideological autonomy – without a mother party – allows us free and self-determined action.
More important than to promote the interests of one faction, it is for us to stand behind the students in order to represent them in the best manner. An original and constructive ÖH compiled of a team of dedicated and motivated students, regardless of political ideologies, is of sheer importance to us.


[motivated – together – altruistic]
We live the open and inclusive ÖH!

We believe that an open and dynamic students union flourishes through diversity in people and opinions. The ÖH should strive to represent a wide spectrum in which student initiatives and people with their altruistic dedication are supported. This diversity demands high measures of self-reflexion, honesty and the possibility for all to express criticism and contribute with constructive suggestions.

In order to enable the open ÖH, an inclusive mindset is required.

For this, it is necessary to question your own points of view, to be sensitive to new topics and to reflect honestly on them in order to be able to implement them. In addition, there is always a space for constructive criticism and feedback in order to improve the representation work and make it more accessible.

We aim for transparent decision-making that is focused on dialogue. Furthermore we want to create space in and out of the ÖH where students can feel welcome and can connect to each other. Through this we aim to tear down the artificial barriers that are created through factions and between students of different studies – the ÖH is there for everyone!


[linking – equal – transcendent]
Education is a human right!

We stand for open and free university access! For us, this means that access to education should be possible for everyone, regardless of their social or geographical origin. Limited financial resources or the level of education of the parents should not be a reason to make access to education more difficult or impossible for people.

In our opinion, restrictive measures such as access restrictions or compulsory annual academic achievements are the wrong way to create better study conditions. They do not improve the real study situation but raise additional hurdles.

We stand for the expansion and fair design of the student grant system and speak out clearly against tuition fees because they are socially selective.

We continue to stand for barrier-free, “studyable” curricula that are adapted to the realities of life of the students.


[qualitative – attractive – effective]
We demand quality of study instead of exam activity

We are committed to a university where one’s own interests can be pursued and knowledge can be deepened. This requires modern teaching methods at a high quality level, funding and prioritization of high-quality teaching. We see this as an opportunity to adapt the teaching to the needs and wishes of the students, to enable students to have better education and to quench their thirst for knowledge. With input and support of the students, framework conditions for successful studies can be created.

In our opinion, this can NOT be achieved through financing through examination activity, as students not only educate themselves through examinations, but also through other engagements (voluntary service, ÖH, …). This cannot be measured in the current system and is not taken into account.

Economized parameters and efficiency must not be the yardstick by which a university is oriented. Much more important is a diverse further education of the students, since broadly educated people make an economically and socially valuable contribution. Only education that is free from political and economic influences ensures critical, ethical research – pure and non-transparent third-party funding is not the right way to do this.


[participative – equal – transparent]
We stand for participation!

Decision-making processes at the university should be transparent and fair, which is why we see student participation as a creative force at BOKU and as an opportunity to take on responsibility.

For this, the unrestricted, equal right of the students in university decision-making processes, as well as the transparent design of these processes, is essential. It is important to us that the voice of the students is heard at all levels, which is why we create the framework for engagement.

The students are the crucial part of a thriving university and therefore need to be heard! We should all be able to help shape curricula and teaching concepts.


[participating – lively – international]
We create space – you shape it!

We stand for self-empowerment of students to realize their own projects – whether within the ÖH or not. The participation of students that encompasses having the voice of students heard must be possible on all levels – from event to teaching. We create the framework for students to actively shape their university life through an informative working method. Students are an essential component of a flourishing university and therefore must be heard!

We see university not as a subject-specific educational institution but rather as a place where opinions can be formed and perspectives developed. Studying should not be the sole consumption of predetermined curricula. Personal development, the broadening of one’s own horizon and networking – national and international – are likewise an essential part.

We encourage creating space that is organized and shaped by students to foster cooperation and unity at BOKU. Furthermore we want to assure the continuance and cooperation with TÜWI. TÜWI we stand behind you!


[responsible – future-oriented – critical]
We live sustainability instead of just talking about it!

We stand for sustainability, which is more than just empty words and has to be assessed critically.

The BOKU should act as a role model for other universities by providing the structures that enable sustainable living, learning and teaching. For us, sustainability goes beyond ecological issues and also has to include social and economic aspects. This should be conveyed in and alongside the studies at BOKU through critical discourse on teaching methods, the ethical compatibility of research and developments in climate and social policy.

A critical discourse on teaching methods, the ethical compatibility of research and developments in climate policy must be made possible. As students at BOKU, we see it as our social responsibility to support the implementation of measures at and with our university, but also outside of it, in this context.


[connecting- diverse – global]
We approach others – how about you?

We are actively committed to justice, the support of foreign and socially disadvantaged students and empowerment of all disadvantaged and discriminated people at BOKU in order to create a livable space for everyone. We see it as our task to act proactively against discrimination at all levels.

People must not be disadvantaged or treated differently on the basis of aspects such as gender, religious belief, sexual orientation, age, social, geographical and ethnic origin or impairments of any kind!

International stays help to break down prejudices, promote discourse and rethink existing structures. They are an asset to everyone.

We are therefore committed to making this possible for students and promoting international exchange at BOKU.

We see the diversity at BOKU as an opportunity to combine different perspectives and to benefit from the experiences of others and to contribute to a society with equal rights.


You want to find out more about what we stand for – then have a look at https://www.facebook.com/FLboku

What do we seek to improve the next two years ( a few examples)?

  • Expansion and improvement of lecture recordings
  • Graduation scholarship for working students also eligible for PhD students
  • Expansion of classes held in English
  • Active support of Incomings and more opportunities for networking
  • Extension of library opening hours to weekends
  • Creation of quiet and relaxation rooms
  • travel cost refund to external university sites (e.g.Tulln)
  • Improvement of Muthgasse campus

Why don’t we distribute sweets to get your vote?

Maybe you asked yourself why you don’t get any campaign goodies like free beer, Spritzer, Knoppers, vanilla milk and pens. This is indeed a good question. We simply see no point in distributing campaign gifts, because …

we fully finance our campaign ourselves and believe in the competence of our students to evaluate and value good student representational work and not make their choices based solely on freebies.

We would be celebrating if you gave us your trust and thus your vote. But more important: please attend the elections! No matter who you vote for.

On federal level we are part of the FLÖ (Independent Student Representatives Austria).

You can find more about us here:



That’s interesting, but I want to know more!

For further information, feel free to contact us – we would be happy to help you.

>> unabhaengig.fl.boku@gmail.com
>> facebook.com/FLBOKU

We would love to discuss our ideas for a better university with you!

Go vote! You shape  your university’s future!

With independent regards,

your FL BOKU



– Unabhängige Fachschaftsliste BOKU – FL BOKU –